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Home Sleep Testing

Whether you have ordered a test yourself or your provider has ordered one for you, you will be mailed home sleep testing equipment with a return shipping label. You wear the device for three nights and return the device with the return label. This testing does come with a follow up call where I go over results with you in detail for up to 60 minutes. 

Second Opinion On Previously Completed Sleep Study

A review of previously completed sleep study results and/or physician notes from a sleep consult.

Free Discovery Call

Not sure if any of the services are for you? Email or call 218-688-2260 to book a free 15 minute call. 


Not sure if you have airway problems? Not sure if you should be tested for sleep disordered breathing? Not sure if you should be concerned about your child's or your own breathing? Book a consult with me to go over your first steps in navigating your airway journey.

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