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Welcome to Sleep Insight

Quality sleep and a well functioning airway are huge foundations to health.


Sleep Insight is different from other sleep testing companies because I bridge the gap between provider and patient. I do this by providing an initial consult with the patient before doing the testing. This allows me to have the patient feel seen and be heard with their concerns and symptoms. Building that relationship with the patient allows them to trust me with their journey of sleep testing and airway health. By consulting before the testing, it allows me to make specific recommendations unique to the patient and also gives me context when reviewing the raw data. The testing I use is done in the home and allows the patient to see if there is usable data before they send it back to me. Once testing is completed, I go over the raw data and the signed sleep report with the patient. After that, I guide the provider in the best direction to go for treating the airway by providing detailed notes and unique recommendations as unique as the patient. This allows the provider to have a clearer picture of which path to take when treating the airway. This saves time for the patient and provider and gives them peace by knowing I am there to guide them on their journey. 

What sets me apart from other sleep testing companies?

I also offer in person consults

Northern Hope Functional Neurology and Chiropractic

5518 Lakers Ln 

Nisswa, MN 56468






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